Booking & Membership

Charges & Booking
Trust is charging very nominal amount for Auditorium which is Rs. 21,000/-for 3 hours (This includes power charges plus G.S.T and other establishment charges)

Ground booking for Religious & Spiritual meeting and also for marriages is also being extended to public and the charges are Rs. 70,200/- for 2 days.

The booking of the various facilities are as under :

  • Event booking 4 acres of land (2 acres for land for main activity and 2 acres of land for Parking).
  • Auditorium booking for Main Hall (Centrally A/C Hall) plus Side Hall (Non A/C).
  • Garden booking for Small Event.

Note: 25 % of discount is given to the social organizations and Government sponsored programmes of public benefit.

Trust has several authorized contractors viz –

  • 6 Electrical & Sound system providers
  • 14 Outdoor Tent providers and decorators


The trust is shortly expected to announce a membership scheme to promote the art and literary events in Shaheed Smarak. It is proposed to bring reputed plays, music, art, etc to the city and to promote various artists of the region under this platform.

The members will be informed of the various programs to be held under this platform and will be given priority and discount of entrance.

The details of the membership will be available shortly.