Past Events

Inauguration of Children’s Swimming Pool
Mahakoushal Shaheed Smarak trust further extended contribution to the society and in particular to the children below 12 years by installing 2 swimming pools.On 28th September 2014 the inauguration of swimming pool was done by Member of Parliament ShriRakesh Singh in the presence of various personalities of Jabalpur such as freedom fighter Rtd. Justice and our trustee Shri M.V. Tamarkar, Shri N.N. Khamparia , Ex. MLA Sihora and trustee Mahakoshal Shaheed Smarak Trust, Babu Shri Vishwamohan Entrepreneur and well wisher of our trust.The response from the public was very encouraging and children below 12 years are highly excited and have joined the swimming pool club.

Inauguration of Senior Citizen Park
Mahakoshal Shaheed Smarak trust also yet achieved another land mark on 28th September 2014 by opening seniors citizens park for elderly people of the society.The idea of the trust by opening senior citizen park is to give serene atmosphere to the elderly people where they can come sit relax enjoy the nature beauty with water fountain around them which is illuminated by the flood light.The park was inaugurated by the Mayor Shri Prabhat Sahu in the presence of our respected guset such Shri N.P. Dubey, Rtd. Justice freedom and our trustee Shri M.V. Tamarkar, Shri N.N. Khamparia , Ex. MLA Sihora, Shri Vinay Saxena ,Babu Shri Viswamohan, Shri Anil Jain ( Corporater).The park is being daily visited by senior members of the society with great satisfaction.